Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Workshop & Exhibit Event Presentations

History, How and Where to Start Your Genealogy Journey by Bernard Punzalan 

Ethnography and Oral History’s Relationship with Genealogy by Rlene Santos Steffy (please contact presenter)

Song: "I Taihinekkok na Håga’: I Trongkon i Familia-ku" by Juan Babauta Chaco

Song: “The Never-Ending Bloodline" by Juan Babauta Chaco

FamilySearch.Org - Guam Family History Center, Church of Latter-Day Saints by Tami Burton 

UOG/Micronesia Area Research Center by Dr. Monique Storie, Dean of MARC and Carmen Quintanilla, Library Technician

UOG/MARC Flyer by Dr. Monique Storie, Dean of MARC and Carment Quintanilla, Library Technician

Office of Vital Statistics by Zita Pangelinan, DPHSS

Guam Courts by Danielle Rosete, Court Archives
If you would like to request for court records filed in the Superior Court of Guam, you can contact the Records Section of the Courts & Ministerial Division. Requests can be emailed to  You can also contact the Records Section at (671) 475-3449 or visit their office at the Guam Judicial Center, 120 W. O'Brien Drive, Hagatna, Guam 96910. For more information, please visit their website at

1941 Guam Tax Roll by Joseph M. Borja, Director of the Department of Land Management

Guam Ancestral Lands Commission by John Burch, Director 

Kumisión i Na’an Lugǻt Guåhan by Dr. Robert Underwood, Chairperson

Guam Indigenous Heritage Alliance and Seeing through my Dad’s (Paul B. Souder) Legacy Genealogy as an Act of Cultural Sovereignty by Dr. Laura M. Torres Souder 

La Sångri Yåma: The Blood Calls by Malia Ramirez 
Please contact presenter regarding photo rights.
Genealogical Journeys by Jillette Leon Guerrero

The Pangelinan (Kotla) and Haniu Family Histories by Toni Sandford

Guam Museum Over the Years by Dr. MIchael Lujan Bevacqua

Commission on Decolonization/ Department of CHamoru Affairs by Melvin Won Pat Borja, Executive Director, COD; President of DCA

CHamoru Roots Genealogy Project by Bernard Punzalan